4 Benefits of Waterproof Golf Footwear

So, you are a serious golfer, right? This isn’t just a way to pass the afternoon every now and then with your friends. You visit the links twice a week or more and really focus on improving your swing. You have the right clubs, use your favorite ball, and even ask your pro for tips on how to get better. What you wear while walking the golf course can be as important as nailing down the perfect swing. The golf gurus over at Moon Golf in Melbourne and Vero Beach have a full line of waterproof golf shoes designed to keep you comfortable and safe. You might be surprised at everything the right pair of footwear can do for your game.

1. Keeping Your Feet Warm and Dry

Let’s get the obvious one out of the way–golf courses are loaded with all kinds of water hazards. Even if you are working the back nine on a dry, sunny morning, there is a good chance that the sprinklers have left the greens and walking paths damp. Quality waterproof golfing shoes are engineered to let you walk through dew-laden lawns and shallow puddles without getting your feet wet. After a mile walking in sopping socks, you will start to feel the cold even on a hot, summer day. What misery! Talk to the pros at Moon Golf and they will be happy to help you find a pair of waterproof shoes that will actually keep the water in the traps, not your shoes.

2. The Right Outsole Provides Serious Traction and Improved Balance

It isn’t just the leather uppers that create a waterproof golf shoe worthy of your money. When you are a dedicated golfer, it is very possible that you will be out on the course in all kinds of weather. A good spiked pair of golf shoes will offer the extra grip you need on wet grass and soft turf. When shopping for a quality pair of FootJoy or ecco shoes like the ones found at Moon Golf, look for a pair with soft plastic spikes that can easily adjust to changing conditions out on the links. Save those spikeless shoes for a day when you can’t remember the last time it rained.

3. Focus on Your Game–Not Your Feet

Now that you have a great pair of kicks designed for the perfect golf game you might realize that it isn’t your wet feet you are thinking about anymore. When you have a pair of shoes that cradle and support your feet comfortably mile after mile, suddenly you can focus completely on your swing, the lay of the ball, and the slope of the green. Quality equipment helps you work on improving your overall performance as small distractions can be ignored.

A good waterproof shoe will always provide the right amount of support as you shift your weight through your swing. The arch will stand up to the extra pressure without deforming, which means your entire body can stay in line ready to power through the whole arc.

4. Avoid Injury and Tee-Off as Scheduled

Most of the time we look at a little sprinkle as an irritation, not a threat to our well-being. However, when you head out on the links without a good pair of waterproof golf shoes, you are more likely to slip on wet walking paths or sink into wet turf which can result in a twisted ankle, wrenched back, and a visit to the doctor’s office. Those shoes with the added traction could save you from a nasty spill while proper arch support reduces fatigue which can negatively affect your swing and your game.

You certainly cannot keep up with your game when you are nursing a sprained ankle. Investing in a quality golf shoe is investing in your game and will ultimately help you lower your score over time.

The pros at Moon Golf have the experience and knowledge to fit you with the perfect pair of golf shoes to help improve your game. They will talk to you about whether you walk the course, play every single day, and any physical challenges you might face. With over a dozen brands to choose from, they will find the right one for you.