7 Tips to Beat the Heat on the Links this Year

You love golf. You live in Florida. You might think that braving the summer sun and powering through 18 holes is just what a dedicated golfer is supposed to do.  However, sunstroke and dehydration is no fun and a real possibility if you don’t take care of your body. The pros at Moon Golf want you to enjoy your favorite game year round. Make sure to follow these simple safety tips to keep you on your game when the heat starts to climb on the golf course this year.

Start Sipping the Day Before

Dehydration can lead to overheating.  When the thermometer starts to soar, work on properly hydrating your body before you schedule your tee time. You can’t make up for missed opportunities while sweating under the searing Florida sun.  Water and energy drinks are the best choices. Skip sugary sodas and alcohol–those actually will dry you out.

Slather on the Sunscreen

Apply early and often.  Of course, it is best to avoid direct sun altogether with an early morning tee-off. However, a good sunscreen with an SPF 50 will help your body fight off a sunburn.  Remember to reapply after you have worked the front nine so that you are completely protected for the entire afternoon. Sprays can help get the areas that are often missed when using lotions.

Dress Cool and Comfortable

Opt for light colors and loose fitting clothing so that your body can get rid of any excess heat. Look for moisture-wicking technology such as Dri-Fit or Climacool fabrics when shopping for shirts and shorts. They will draw sweat away from your body and provide cooling ventilation on hot and steamy days. Even your shoes should have proper ventilation.  Leave your fashion-forward selection for another day.

Wide-brimmed Hats Beat a Visor Every Time

You might have a favorite hat just like the one that Tiger uses, but the traditional baseball cap doesn’t do a very good job of keeping the sun off your ears, neck, and shoulders. Visors are even worse. Look for a hat like a boonie or Panama Jack with a wide brim all the way around for the best-added protection from the heat of the sun. A good hat will have an absorbent band and vented crown.  Don’t forget the sunglasses, too.

Pack a Snack, Drinks, and Ice Packs

It takes hours to play a good round of golf. When it is extremely hot, your body will work even harder to try a keep cool. Avoid a drop in blood sugar and energy by bringing along an energy bar or a piece of fruit on the course. Many golf bags have an extra pocket large enough for a small ice pack and water bottle.  Take advantage of the technology and bring along enough supplies for a light snack.

Skip the Back Nine if You are Feeling the Heat

Unless you are playing a professional tournament, there is no reason to risk your health just to finish off the entire round of golf. If it is very hot, as it often is in Florida, and you are starting to feel fatigued and anxious, it is time to head inside and regroup. Maybe you can finish up the game later in the afternoon or in the morning. The rest of your four will surely understand and would rather have you healthy, not in the hospital.

Moon Golf offers a complete line of golfing apparel and supplies, from shirts and shorts ready to keep you cool, to a proper wide-brimmed hat featuring the sponsor of your favorite player. Come on down to one of their shops in Melbourne or Vero Beach and stock up for a summer season of safe and cool golfing fun.