Best Golf Bags for Style & Function

Those new to golf may be overwhelmed by the variety of equipment available. There are many varieties of different golf clubs and golf balls, each of which is good for different skill levels and swing types. You might expect things to be simple when it comes to golf bags. However, there are several different golf bags that all serve different purposes and have different looks about them. The most popular types of golf bags are stand bags cart bags, travel bags, and staff bags. This article will give you a rundown on all these different types of bags and which functions they may be the most useful for. It will also provide a brief description of the look of these bags, although of course whether or not a golf bag suits your eye is up to your personal preference. To learn more about the different types of golf bags available and how they might meet your needs for style and function, read on.

Stand Bags

Stand bags are probably the most common type of golf bag utilized by amateurs. They have a look that is preferred by a majority of people, and they sitting a nice middle ground in terms of function. Stand bags are medium-size bags with metal retractable legs that come out when you place the bag on the ground. These bags are usually made of fabric like nylon that is resistant to weather. They come in a wide variety of different colors. Many stand bags prominently feature the manufacturer’s logo. However, many golfers, especially those that played in college, like to get stand bags that feature the crest of their alma mater. What sort of look you go for in the stand bag is up to you. You should know that stand bags can hold a full set of clubs, along with rain gear, golf balls tees, and various other items. They have more space than travel bags, but not quite as much as staff bags.

Cart Bags

Cart bags are actually very similar to stand bags. They are nearly identical in terms of the look. The main difference is that cart bags do not have the metal legs that stand bags have. This is because cart bags are made specifically to be hooked onto the back of a golf cart, not to be carried by golfers walking the course. If you always take a cart when you go out to play golf, a cart bag maybe the right choice for you. However, if you occasionally like to walk or almost always like to walk, a stand bag might be a better choice if you’re looking for a medium-size golf bag.

Staff Bags

If you’ve ever wondered what the large golf bags carried by PGA Tour caddies are, these are called staff bags. Staff bags, as you no doubt have seen on TV, are quite large and are usually very heavy when filled with equipment. Of course, this is their main benefit. Because they are so large, they can be filled with nearly anything and everything that you can think of. Staff bags are best if you are a member of a course that has caddies. If you are trying to both play golf and carry a staff bag for 18 holes, you will likely get quite tired unless you are in exceptional shape. This doesn’t mean that it can’t be done. However, many golfers do not prefer to use a staff bag in this manner.

Travel Bags

Travel bags are perhaps the most unique kind of golf bag. As the name states, they are specifically made for protecting your golf clubs while traveling. However, they’re different from cases in that travel bags can actually be taken out on the course and driving range. Most travel bags are quite small and light in part to save you on baggage fees if you are going on an airplane to play golf. Most travel bags also have a hard exterior to protect the golf clubs and other equipment within from the abuse often suffered on a flight.

In conclusion, there are golf bags to meet pretty much any need you may have. Stand bags are the most common golf bags, but this doesn’t necessarily mean they will be right for you. Do your research and then buy the best bag for your game from a reputable golf store like Moon Golf in Melbourne, Florida. The right golf bag can make all the difference.