Fits Like a Glove: Do You Need Golf Gloves?

It doesn’t take a professional level golfer to understand just how important swing control is to your ability to play effectively. This isn’t rocket science, like many of the finer points of the game can often seem to be, this is good golf. In fact, the statistics are overwhelmingly decisive in the question of, “to glove” or “not to glove.”

“…FootJoy estimates that 85 percent of all golfers wear gloves. Among PGA tour pros, the average is even higher, nearly 95 percent.”

That was reported by one story in Golfweek but all you ever have to do is turn on any golf tournament and see for yourself, the best wear gloves. There is a reason for that and those reasons also apply to the rest of us mere mortal golfers. So the answer to the question, “should you wear a golfing glove” is yes and these are just a few reasons why…

Wet Weather

Unless you’re talking monsoon or torrential all-day type of downpours, rain isn’t something that prevents golfers from playing. If you have been on the links for any amount of time, you’ve experienced a break in play to allow the rain to pass through. That can also significantly change the game. A golfing glove is a golfer’s first defense against club slippage during wet playing conditions.


A more subtle enemy of the golfer is heat and hand moisture. That firm grip again and again, all day long creates heat and for most golfers that also equates to some perspiring of the hands. It doesn’t matter if it is rain or sweat (and on the hottest days it may not matter), moisture doesn’t benefit a golfer’s grip.

Cold Weather

Most of us don’t play in freezing or even near-freezing temperatures but we do play long into the autumn and weather permitting, early winter season. That means dealing with colder conditions and even the impact of wind on your hands. Some players are familiar with the experience of having a cold front move through and fifteen minutes later the playing temperature has dropped fifteen degrees. Regardless of how colder weather finds your game, your hands can’t be expected to perform the same way if they are cold, numb or uncomfortable.


The most obvious reason for wearing a glove of course, is better grip. That is essentially what all the aforementioned benefits of wearing a golfing glove are attempting to achieve in the end. Regardless of the conditions, however, a good grip isn’t optional and it equates to a better and more controlled swing. Every golfer has experienced the results of what happens when the club slips and the face opens… sometimes even with a glove.

That leaves one last consideration when choosing a golfing glove and that is getting the right glove.

Fits Like a Glove

Golf is a game of precision and everyone knows that. That includes your golfing gloves. Have you ever tried to zip up that coat with those oversized winter gloves? Sure, nobody is going to try and play a round of golf wearing mittens but that is just the point – precision counts. The only way to get the best glove and gain the most benefit from using golf gloves is to find on that is comfortable and fits.

A golfing glove, much like a baseball mitt, is all about the fit and feel. The right fit and a comfortable glove equates to the right grip. Golf demands our attention in so many areas, worrying about and fighting with a golf glove that doesn’t work well isn’t going to help your game. We have a wide selection and can help you find the right glove and get you the right grip so you can get back to focusing on your game.

Contact us with any of your golfing questions or needs, from equipment to playing better we are here for you and for the love of golf.