Golf Talk: Get Fitted For the Season

You wouldn’t play golf in shoes that don’t fit; why would you play golf with clubs that don’t fit? You don’t have to have a single digit handicap to benefit from having clubs that fit your swing and your body style. 

If you bought your iron set right off the shelf then you are assuming that the distance from your wrist to the floor, and your height, conform to what a manufacturer considers “standard”. But what if you have a little more body mass than the “standard” shaft length would allow for? What if your arms are longer, or shorter?  Your set up and swing would have to allow for those differences or you would hook or slice the ball, hit fat shots or top the ball. 

What if that standard set had clubs you might not need or ever use? Can you really hit a three iron solidly or would you benefit from a hybrid club instead? Then there is the consideration of the type of shaft (steel or graphite) and the type of club head (forged or cavity back).

Why make a tough game harder than it needs to be? 

Here are just a few ways you can build your set to give you maximum enjoyment and help you play your best golf.

Get a “static fitting”. Have your local pro or golf shop measure you from your wrist to the floor, and using your height determine the proper shaft length for you. If you’ve put on a few extra pounds add 1/2″ for those extra inches around your waist. While you have the tape measure out, get your dominant hand measured for the proper grip size too.

Consider having a dynamic fitting. Have a qualified (that means not your playing partner) assess your swing using TRACKMAN or another electronic fitting system for clubhead speed, ball speed, launch angle and other important attributes. This will help to determine the type of shaft you shoulder be using, its weight and flex point, and the lie angle that your irons should have.

As a final thought, why not have a “bag fitting” as well.  Go through your bag and determine the carry distance of each club in your bag.  Is there about 10 to 15 yards difference between each club? Are you duplicating some clubs? Do you have the proper yardage gaps between your wedges?  Spend 30 minutes or so on TRACKMAN and ensure that the 14 clubs in your bag will help you get the most out of your game!