Importance of Teaching Your Daughters to Golf

Have you ever considered taking your daughter down to your local Florida driving range? If you wondered if that was appropriate or possible, the answer is yes. Golfing is a game that any person can play, young or old. Since every golfer continues to improve their game throughout their life, you can always insist that you are just learning the ropes yourself. But if you want the real reasons that sharing time on the links with your girl is a good thing, let’s check out all the bonuses associated with this great game.

Building a Strong Bond between Daughter and Parent

Even if you are just playing the front nine, you are taking the time to talk, laugh, and share with your child on a one-on-one basis. While today you might be talking about how to sink a putt, a few years down the line she might be asking you about college, a career, or how to shop for a house. You are building the blocks of a lasting positive relationship.

Improves Coordination and Instills a Love of the Outdoors

Her young muscles and bones are growing. Golf will help to improve her eye-hand coordination, generate flexible muscles, and build a strong skeleton with all that walking. Meanwhile, she will grow to appreciate the smell of a fresh green, the feel of a warm breeze, and taking a deep breath without her tablet or phone in front of her. Who knows? She might decide that hiking should be the next thing to explore.

Reinforces Lessons in Math and Sciences

At school, she will learn to add and calculate the arc of a mathematical problem. When you bring her out to the golf course, she will apply all that boring school work when figuring out how hard to hit the ball, how to put a spin on it, and even tabulate the score for the day. She will learn how the weather affects growing grass and what a strong wind can do to her ball. What kind of questions will she bring back to the schoolroom?

Builds Self-Esteem, Positive Body Image, and Confidence

When she learns that with practice and persistence she can score a birdie or even a hole-in-one, she discovers her own ability to achieve her goals on and off the links. Staying active reinforces that she has a beautiful body that is strong and capable. She will worry less about what her peers are saying and focus on the real things she needs to do to succeed in the future. Young girls that participate in sports see greater successes throughout their entire lives.

Joining a League and Finding Friends

When you teach ’em young, by the time your daughter enters middle or high school, she will be ready to join a competitive league. This opportunity helps her to expand her social circle and spend time away from the close-knit family and friends she has had all her life. Golfing provides a gateway to the wider world. There may even be a summer camp program she may wish to enroll in next year. Meanwhile, she will still be eager to tell you all about it as a common interest.

Establishes the Importance of Positive Communication and Fair Play

Finally, she will learn the language of playing together, which later in life can serve her well in the boardroom. Golf teaches us how to play a game with complete strangers, who become friends by the end of the game. By following the rules of the game and challenging fellow players, lessons are learned in etiquette and even diffusing emotional situations. While taking golfing lessons, she also learns to actively listen and apply new knowledge.

As you can see, there are all sorts of positives when you include your daughter in your weekly visit to the golf course. If you need to outfit her with a set of clubs sized just right for her, the pros at Moon Golf are here to help with the shopping expedition with a complete range of equipment designed for players of all skills and sizes.