Single Length Irons: The Pros & Cons

One of the most noteworthy and controversial recent developments in golf equipment is the rise of single length irons. While some have heralded them as the next big thing, others have criticized these golf clubs for both technical reasons and because they are not traditional. As you probably already know, golf is a very traditional sport, and this tradition and history is one of the reasons the sport is so special. However, it can make purists a little suspicious of new developments like single length irons. To learn more about the pros and cons of these clubs, read on.

The Pros of Single Length Irons

They Are Easier To Get Used To For Beginners

Some people who are just starting to play golf are intimidated by the game’s learning curve. There is certainly a lot to learn for people new to golf. One of the things that people have to learn is the different setup and stance for every club. If they have single length irons, the game will be that much easier for them to learn.

The Long Irons Are Easier To Hit

Long irons can be quite challenging to hit solidly. They can be intimidating for new golfers and experienced players alike. One of the reasons they are difficult to hit is the length of the shaft. This means the clubhead is far away from the center of control in the golfer’s hands. Single length irons don’t have this problem. All of the shafts are the length of a mid-iron, often a 6-iron or 7-iron. Thus, the long irons in a single length iron set are much easier to hit.

These Irons Are Very Unique

While some people may not like being the only golfer amongst their playing partners with single length irons, other people will appreciate the uniqueness of these clubs. They are a great conversation piece when speaking to other golfers. One of the best aspects of golf is the camaraderie between golfers, and single length irons can help you experience that.  

The Cons of Single Length Irons

The Short Irons Are Harder To Hit

Just as the consistent length of the shaft makes the long irons easier to hit, it makes the short irons more difficult to hit. This can impair the confidence of new and experienced golfers alike, as they expect the short irons to be the easiest clubs to hit solidly. Not only can this detract from the golfers confidence, it really does make the short irons more difficult to play accurately. Short irons are often referred to as the “scoring clubs,” but it’s going to be harder to score with them if they have longer shafts.

The Selection of Single Length Irons is Still Limited

As single length irons have only appeared on the golfing scene fairly recently,  the selection available is fairly limited. Most of the major manufacturers do not offer a set of single length irons. You could buy a traditional set of irons and had the shafts cut to the same length, but you may not see the same results that you would see with a set of irons designed to be one length.

Some People Criticize Users of Single Length Irons

As previously mentioned, single length irons are quite unique. This could be a pro or a con depending on your approach to the issue. Some people like to stand out and have other people discussing their golf clubs. However, others might simply want to fit in and not to be criticized for their choice of clubs. Single length irons are not the norm yet, so some more traditional golfers may criticize their users. This will probably not be the case for much longer, as single length irons look to be growing in popularity. However, it is the reality for playing with single length irons now.

Final Thoughts

Single length irons will not be for everybody, but they may be worth a try. Visit our website to learn more about our selection of single length and other irons. We have a wide selection of quality equipment, so you can select the clubs that fit your game the best. If you come into our brick-and-mortar shop, we can use our state-of-the-art simulator to fit you for clubs that suit your swing. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you in our shop.