Tips for Golfing With Your Kids this Summer

Many golf loving parents look forward to the day they can introduce their kids to this wonderful game. After waiting several years until their kids are old enough to hit the course, many parents are eager to jump right in and start golfing with their children.

However, there are several tips you should keep in mind when taking your kids golfing this summer. Whether this is the first time you’re taking them out to the course or you’ve been golfing with them for years, you can still utilize the tips in this article to help you and your kids have more fun.

Don’t Take Things Too Seriously

The first and probably most important tip that parents taking their kids golfing should remember is not to take things too seriously. It is natural for a parent to want their kid to be the best golfer possible. This is especially true when the parent themselves plays the game at a high level. However, kids that have pressure put on them by their parents to be great golfers often don’t enjoy the game as much as they could.

Get Them Their Own Set Of Clubs

One vital yet often overlooked tip for kids going out to the golf course is to get them their own clubs. Many adults simply let their kids borrow their clubs and go to the course. These clubs are built for adults and will be much harder for children to use. Some parents like to take their old clubs and cut down the shaft for the kids, these clubs are still not weighted properly for that young golfer’s swing.

Hit The Range First

It is very important that kids just learning the game hit the range first before actually going out and playing a round of golf. This is important so that adults can have a low-stress environment to teach them the fundamentals of the game. If kids are out on the course and taking their time, they may have to deal with a group getting inpatient behind them. Taking them to the range several times until they are ready to go to the course is important to help your kids appreciate the game of golf.

Prepare To Let Everybody Play Through

Once you do feel it it’s time to take your kids out on the course, prepare to let everybody play through. As with any new golfers, kids hitting the course for the first few times will undoubtedly take a while to finish their round. Instead of getting stressed out and then stressing out your kids when there is a group behind you, get ready to wave to the groups to play through. This may be a significant change in mindset for adults who like to play the game quickly, but keep in mind that this is all about helping your kids have fun.

Play 9 Holes Before You Try 18

A full 18-hole round of golf can take 4 hours or even more. This is a long time, especially for kids. Keep in mind that kids have short attention spans and less patience than adults. It is a good idea to play 9-hole rounds for a while until the kids are ready to play the full 18 holes. Even if you want to play 18 holes yourself, try not to rush your kids into playing a full round of golf. It is understandable to get over-eager when you want your kids to love the game as much as you do, but patience and support are important in learning this challenging game.

Keeping it at a pace that is comfortable for the kids is vital. It may even be a good idea to take the kids to a golf simulator before taking them out on the course. This is especially true in the sometimes stormy weather of Melbourne, Florida. Moon Golf has a state-of-the-art simulator that you should check out.