The Unexpected Benefits of Using a Golf Simulator

Many younger golf players grew up with gaming consoles at home that could mimic a golf game in the comfort of your living room. But those simulators are literally kids play. The Trackman Simulator found at Moon Golf in Melbourne takes the fun of a sim and adds tons of technology to help users to improve their game. This isn’t just about hitting some balls at a screen, but learning what it takes to raise your game to the next level. Let’s find out everything the Trackman can do for your golf game.

Finding Your Smash Factor

A high-quality golf simulator rises above providing an easy escape from searing sunshine or soggy mornings. The Trackman Simulator at Moon Golf records every angle of your swing from your body position to grip to contact with the ball and provides technical data feedback. It can then show you how to reposition everything in order to get the biggest bang when contact is made with the ball. You will learn to increase the energy transferred to the ball resulting in longer shots and lower scores. Best of all, the most qualified teacher is always available to keep improving your performance.

Switch Out Your Golf Balls and See Instant Results

You might think that a new club will make a huge difference in your game. However, the ball can also significantly impact your overall score. When you work with the simulator while using a variety of balls, you can find the one that will fly farther with your swing and club combination. You will be buying with confidence won’t be wasting any money when stocking up on supplies.

Learning to Duplicate the Perfect Shot Faster

In order to gain confidence out on the course, first you need to build muscle memory for the most effective swing. Using video recording and motion sensors, the simulator can assist you in executing the perfect swing over and over. When you head out for 18 holes with your friends, your body will have a better memory of how to beat the simulator and apply that knowledge to your real life game. Instead of stumbling through a learning curve full of trial and error, the sim can fast forward your progress.

Constant Practice will Lower Your Score on the Links

That simulator is located inside a nicely air-conditioned dry building, which means there is no excuse for skipping a day on the links due to weather. When you practice a few holes in rain or shine, you will start to see your scores plummet. Make par or a birdie with much more consistency when you are swinging the club and making good contact day after day.

Select the Terrain on which You Need to Work

While abandoning the steam bath of a Florida summer with some simulator time, you can choose to practice the hole or type of shot that is slowing your game down. Focus solely on putting, chip shots, or long drives. Learn when to slice or how to avoid it. While you work your way through the program the constant feedback from the simulator will identify more areas that you might need to improve.

Buy the Clubs that Work Best for You

It could be that your current club selection is simply all wrong. When working the back nine with your usual foursome, nobody is able to tell you the shaft is too short or the angle on your wood is off. Bring your favorite set with you and work with the pros at Moon Golf during a fitting. They will take the feedback from the sim and your comments and offer you the chance to test drive some new clubs. If you simply need a length adjustment or to correctly align the head, the in-shop service center can fix your club. Either way, you will know if your repaired or replaced clubs will perform for you before you ever tee-off in the tournament.

Are you itching to test drive the Trackman Simulator yourself? Come on down to Moon Golf in Melbourne and receive a personalized readout and advice on how to improve your game. Before you buy any new equipment, you can take one for a test drive so you will be completely satisfied with each and every purchase.