What Can a Golf Simulator Tell You About Your Game?

We aren’t quick to talk about it, but they exist. It is fine to discuss how we need to learn how to read greens better. A discussion about club choice is perfectly okay, but we don’t really talk about the big issue do we – our swing! The ironic thing is that we shouldn’t be embarrassed at all by any technicals or swing issues we might encounter, this is one of the most difficult motions in all of sport. One articleactually began saying…

“With all the moving parts of a golf swing, there are a thousand things that can go wrong.”

That explains a lot!

Common Golf Swing Problems

We won’t ask you to raise your hand on these but you aren’t alone in any of the following golf swing maladies…

The Slice

Although this common golf swing problem can be easy to resolve, it doesn’t help the embarrassment of shanking a shot two fairways over because of an evil slice. The most common issue with the slice is allowing the clubface to open on or before contact although there are other possible causes. A golf simulator can detect what is happening and help get you back in the right fairway.

The Head Pull

This common golf swing issue is generally found in young or newer golfers. Oddly enough, it will still even bite the most experienced players. The first sign that you might be pulling your head out of your swing is the shot result. Are you topping the ball or having trouble getting lift even with the right club and golf ball? Another problem that a simulator will quickly catch and help to resolve.

Lack of Follow Through

There are so many areas where a swing can go wrong, from grip to weight transition and more commonly a lack of follow through on your swing. This is also another possible reason for the slice but can also create an entire array of shot issues. Simulators will track the swing arc and motion and easily determine if this is causing errant golf shots.

The Mystery Glitch

If you haven’t been golfing very long, this is one you can fearfully look forward to! Pros, amateurs and even “experienced” hacks (hey, not everybody is good but that doesn’t mean they can’t love the game!) have encountered this ghost. It could be that your game has been solid, good even great for years, then it hits. It may be an old problem that mysteriously reappears in your swing or a new issue you’ve never had before, it is the mystery glitch.

No golfer is immune and it is why we see golfers readapt and change their swings throughout their careers, often because of those curious mystery glitches. While these golf swing problems may not ever be eliminated, golf simulators can often detect any issues and prevent golfers from needing to reinvent their golf swing.

Golf Technology Continues in Simulation

We thought rangefinders were pretty cool, then technology got serious about golf. Golf instructors used to spend hours studying a students swing, having golfers hit ball after ball. Not only have golf simulators changed that practice but they also offer golfers the visual joy of High Definition 3D graphics. Not only does this create amazingly realistic images of actual shots golfers will find on the course, it also encourages a more natural swing regardless of the type of shot.

Now, using advanced radar technology along with high-def cameras and wifi, simulators can dissect and pinpoint every aspect and nuance of your swing. If there is a swing issue, chances are better than good that a high tech golf simulator will detect it…

Golf simulators will give instructors data on clubhead speed and angle or ball launch speed and angle for example. They can even get as intimate with your swing details to determine the ball spin achieved in revolutions per minute! That’s definitive. Stop in at the golf shop to find out how a golf simulator can improve your swing, your game and help make you a better golfer.